Review: Welcome To The Game

By Kikikan on
Welcome To The Game

Welcome to this article! Do you always wanted to explore the deep web? Do you wanted to see a Red Room? Well, you can do all of these in Welcome To The Game.

To begin with, this game is a horror-themed puzzle game, where you explore the deepest parts of the internet. The goal is to find a URL, which is divided into 8 parts. You can find these parts on the deep web’s websites. However most of them aren’t visible. As a result, you have to click on everything.

There’s one more thing: You can get hacked on the deep web. There are 2 kinds of hacks: DOS attack and kernel attack. If someone launch a DOS attack on you, you’ll be prompted with a minigame made of arrows. You have to navigate the traffic by these arrows. If someone damages your kernel, you have to type in codes, so if you are not a fast typer, this game isn’t for you.

An urban legend says that there are kidnappers, who’ll try to locate and kidnap you. If the kidnapper sees you, the game’s over and your save file will be deleted. Fortunately, you can hear if the kidnapper is close. You’ll hear footsteps, or see an icon on the notification bar.

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