Valve will change Steam again

By Kikikan on

Don’t panic, Valve will only change the interface of Steam’s store and other little things.

Changing the review system wasn’t a good idea. However that update was withdrew. Hopefully, no one will sharpen their virtual scythe, and Steam’s new interface will be pleasant to everyone.

The most eye-catching change will take place on the home page of Steam’s store. According to the plans, the whole display will be eased, and less crowded. You will be able to find the section of new releases, upcoming and top seller games on the left-sided navigation bar.

We will be also able to customize categorically, which are the things we don’t want to see, like movies, early access programs, softwares or VR games. Valve will also change the recommended games section, and hopefully, it will recommend better games to a specific person on their home page.

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