Valve introduces FPS counter with Steam Client Beta update

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Steam has finally come up with its own built in FPS counter, though it is now limited to the Steam Client Beta option only. It came as a part of the recent update. The update arrived on January 2 and with this gamers can now monitor framerate stats, marking end for all the FPS counter add-ons which were earlier used, probably if those are not better than the newly introduced one by Valve. In general gamers uses FPS counter on the screen to check how fine their computers are performing during a gaming session and to learn in advance if there is something wrong going on in the machine. Many also use it for bragging rights.

Apart from the FPS counter the other fixes and tweaks that arrived with the new update are as below: The CPU usage has been reduced while drawing animated images or videos. On the Linux and OS X machines gamers can see fixed video playback performance regression. Capture performance has been improved now in the D3D9 games. The update has improved the audio/video synchronization. Also, when change in upload bandwidth is detected the video encoding bit rate is improved automatically.

Earlier friend invite to a braodcast was found getting dropped sometimes. Now this too has been fixed. The capture performance in the OpenGL games has been improved too. This is when the hardware support is enabled with the newer Nvidia GPUs in the machine. The opening broadcast watch page from the client UI in Steam Overlay has been fixed. It includes friends list and invite chat message. It is not to forget the January 1 incidence when most of the gaming platforms saw downtime due to DDoS attacks, Steam performed just the opposite. It broke all the concurrent user record. It was on its peak with more than 8.4 million users logging in at once. Do share your own views about the performance of the newly introduced FPS counter from the stable of Valve in the below comment box.

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