Top 5 Hardest Games Ever (Part I)

By Paul Linus on
Top 5 Hardest Games Ever

Gaming can be as easy as Angry Birds or Flappy Birds, and it can also be as hard and tough as Dead Space or Devil May Cry. If you want to know which are the most challenging games ever here’s a list of top 5 hardest ones.

God of War III

One of the best parts about a game is how much one can enjoy playing it and going through the game’s storyline. In this regard it must be said that not many gamers take advantage of the difficulty levels of a game, satisfied with beating the game only once. The God of War III is one extremely challenging game. This series tells the story of Kratos and his mission to take down the Greek gods of Olympus. The third installment of the series is considered by many as the finest in the series, and also the toughest to crack. The normal mode is easy enough but it is in the ‘Chaos’ mode that the game becomes nearly impossible to win. You will feel like throwing your console controller out of the window, when you find out how irritating it can be, just to survive in the ‘Chaos’ mode.

Dead Space 2

Part one of the dead space brought with it some pleasant surprises and enough horror to freak gamers out, while the second part is generally seen to be less creepy and more deadly. The second installment of the Dead Space, Dead Space 2, will necessitate the use of other weapons besides the plasma cutter, which has very low ammo. The game throws up some difficulties in the Normal mode itself, but once you unlock the Zealot mode, things get unnaturally difficult, but you will get the comfort of save points. The Hardcore level even takes away that comfort, where you are afforded only three save points to finish the game.

Do share your own views with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box whether you have a different list of hardest games to play. Before commenting, also check the second part of our list from HERE.

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