Top 5 Hardest Games Ever (Part II)

By Paul Linus on

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Lost Planet

It is one of the best and perhaps the most difficult shooter games of the current times. Lost planet gives you giant enemies, awesome weapons, mechs and a great storyline all in one package. Yes, the multiplayer option was a disaster, but the campaign mode is epic. In normal mode, it is pretty easy to beat the game, but once you jump to the hardest difficulty level, Lost Planet will quickly become one of the most frustrating experiences of your life.

Devil May Cry 4

In the fourth installation of the Devil May Cry series, you get to control a completely new character, named ‘Nero’. But around halfway through the game you are forced to switch over to the iconic ‘Dante’ from the previous installments. By the end of the game, as you have mastered the Dante character, you are again made to switch over to Nero. This back and forth makes the game tough enough, but what really takes the game beyond the ordinary gaming level, are the difficulty levels that the game provides. Devil Hunter mode is quite easy, but the Son of Sparda mode is where the game starts getting tough. The next level Dante Must Die is shockingly difficult, but it is Hell and Hell level that makes the game almost unwinnable.

Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

The Wii is not exactly known for its hardcore game selection but this one will give you a treat. Star Successor relies on quick reflexes and very good Wii remote pointing skills. The game is quite fun to play on the normal difficulty level, but going for high scores or higher difficulty level makes it a nightmare for even the most accomplished gamer.

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