Surgeon Simulator – Donald Trump

By Kikikan on
Donald Trump in Surgeon Simulator

Bossa Studios made a DLC about an international topic – we will be able to save Donald Trump’s life. (or not).

The development team of Surgeon Simulator always have a great sense of humor. How did they make a funny game about a non-funny topic? This time, we don’t save Bob’s life, but we save Donald Trump’s.

We have a wide range of crazy things in Surgeon Simulator, for example we could operate an alien. But now, with the free DLC called Inside Donald Trump we can bring this craziness onto a next level.

We have the decision of heart – we have to decide that which heart will be in him – a heart made out of stone or a golden heart? You can see how many people chose the golden heart, and how many people chose the stone heart on the development team’s website.

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