Some Useful Tricks On Meek Mill’s Bike Life

By Paul Linus on
Some Useful Tricks On Meek Mill’s Bike Life

Meek Mill, who is a well-known face in the musical world, has also got some talent beyond singing. Recently he launched his own biking game. He is a die-hard dirt biking lover and this has been clearly portrayed in his two of the most well-known videos – ‘Rick Ross’ and “I’ma Boss.”

In one of his recent videos, ‘The Night Is Still Young’, everyone clearly comes to know about his crazy love for biking. At last his lifelong dream came true with the release of his own biking video game. He announced about it through his Instagram account very recently.

Bike Life, as the title goes, is simple and apt, and as declared will be made available on Apple app store and Android’s Google Play store. The dirt biking is all about stunt biking on the streets. In real life people need to have special talent to perform such artistic moves. It is not enough close to the idea of general cycling. Moreover, it’s a kind of performance art that needs special tricks and of course is highly risky.

However, in the game the players’ goal is to outrun the cops and disturb them. There are also added stunts and tricks to be performed to give some amusement to pedestrians. Players can gain high scores with lots of coins. There are some other characters too in it like Nicki Minaj. These characters can only be unlocked as the player progresses in the game.

Take a simple trick how to win the game. Keep swiping from side to side and use your jumps. Also, use the double jump by jumping again when you are already in the middle of the air. The game should be played for pure entertainment and to have some jolly good time.

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