A Cars & Football Game: Rocket League

By Kikikan on
Rocket League

Rocket League is a fantastic game about cars and football. You may think that this combination is pretty bad, but it is the opposite! You can even try it during this weekend for free.

Rocket League is a futuristic sports-action game featuring epic cars and a ball. You need to score goals with cars and without feet. This game is simply about this. There are 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 matches, but the competitive games don’t contain 4v4. You can also play with your friends or bots in private matches. Fun is guaranteed, no matter which option you choose to play.

The tutorial is well-made, it tells you everything what you should know about this game. I don’t play tutorials, but this tutorial is worth playing – even if you know that you move with WASD (or controller). This tutorial is very, very recommended to play.

After matches, you get random items. With these items, you can customize your car the way you want. There are many parts that you can customize: the car’s body, wheels, hat, antenna, decals and the „boost line”. Yep, there is nitro in this game, you can collect them by walking onto orange pads, and with it, you can boost your way to the ball or even fly hence the name „Rocket”. As I mentioned you can learn how to fly, boost and everything in the tutorial.

The graphics in this game is awesome, if you have a high-end PC you can turn the settings up (if you have 1GB DDR5 video card, you can easily turn it up), but if you have a low-end PC you can still play one of the most coolest game of all time: Rocket League.

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