Review: Ronin – The 2D Stealth Combat Game From Devolver Digital

By Paul Linus on
Review -Ronin - The 2D Stealth Combat Game From Devolver Digital

Published by: Devolver Digital
Developed by: Tomasz Waclawek

Minimum System Requirements

• Os – Vista or later
• CPU: Core Duo or faster
• RAM: 2GB
• Graphics: 2 GB video memory, OpenGL 3.0 compliant video card
• DirectX: 9
• Broadband Internet connection
• ** Controller recommended **

This 2D stealth combat game is all about revenge. Ronin, a plain-looking girl, covered in her motorcycle helmet and leathers, is on a mission of taking revenge from five corporate executives who were responsible for the death of her father.

The game has five chapters with each consisting three levels. In the first two levels player need to penetrate some buildings and hack the computers. The third level is all about confronting and killing the boss.

The story of the game is basically very simple, women with a mission taking revenge, seems almost like a movie. Just like any action movie, it has got some terrific moves. Ronin can jump, sneak, climb and surely kill. She has the skills to scale up or slide down walls, smash through windows, move really fast and can disappear in elevators, which reminds me of Lara Croft.

This game looks also a lot like Gunpoint. This game practically takes place in some kind of future urban setting with high risers. Just like any protagonist of an action movie, Ronin hack those computer terminals, execute jumps and stick to any wall that she wants.

One should surely play this game if he wants to get a taste of some of the very cool fighting skills, as this is the strong point of this game. To add much more to this there is also swordplay which is something new and is not available in Gunpoint.

The game for the new ones seems to be quite interesting with all those different kinds of fighting skills but then there is less information about how to properly execute a move. As you get familiar with the game it becomes a lot easier to play.

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