Party Hard: Kill everyone!

By Kikikan on
Party Hard

What would you do, if you couldn’t sleep, because there’s a party near you? Try to fall asleep anyway, go to the party or what? Of course you would kill every single person in the party. Wasn’t it obvious? You can kill everyone in Party Hard.

Party Hard is a game about a man, who wanted sleep, but couldn’t because of a party. He became a psychopath, and went to a lot of party, to have some fun. And I mean manslaughter under the expression „have some fun”.

In this game, you have to kill every single person to proceed to the next level. However, if a cop gets you, the game’s over. So basically, stay away from the dead people, and stay low. The people can see you, but not with a corpse.

The parties are organized in different locations, like in a building, on a roof or even on a boat. There are traps, which you can activate, and you can get items, like a bomb from cases, or from a man, who is wearing a black coat, black hat and he’s got a case. If you don’t want to get attention, you can use objects (like a big chest) to hide the corpses from the alive people.

The graphics in this game is made up of pixels and it looks good, the soundtrack fits this type of games. The gameplay is awesome, you can have fun with your insanity, just like in Yandere Simulator. The game has also got a story, but that’s not the most important thing in the game.

If you like sneaky killing, I recommend you to have a look at Party Hard.

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