Nom Nom Galaxy – The Soup Making Mission

By Paul Linus on
Nom Nom Galaxy - The Soup Making Mission

‘Making soup is fun’, well this sounds pretty crazy as we are well aware ,how do we feel when we have to cut a packet of powdered soup and boil it to get a strange volatile matter, which we have to gulp down our stomach, during those sick rainy days. But not anymore, the Nom Nom Galaxy game has brought about a whole new revolutionary concept of making soup which is quite interesting; who would have known that making soup can really be such adventurous!

Nom Nom is a capitalist soup making galactic company and the player here takes the role of a soup maker. But this is not as simple as it seems. The player not only needs to make delicious soup but he has a secret mission! He needs to defend his base from the dangerous and deadly enemies who are the competitors and want to destroy the base. So this is kind of a real life scenario where all the capitalists eagerly wait to take an upper-hand over the others, whenever they get an opportunity. However the real life facts are somewhat much more subtle and are served cold, but here in this game it is presented in a very cool and sporty way.

Along with these the player also needs to build the factory and bring the necessary soup making ingredients from the hostile alien world! Who could have guessed making soup could be so much dangerous! To seek those, the player have to take the help of his trusty buzzsaw and dig the ground so as to gather them .Well, the player also needs to take care of the market shares of the company, so what he needs to do is build soup machines and launch rockets to send off the goods and then gain the market share. However adding up a new flavor will always gain a 100% market share a little bit faster than normal times.

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