No Man’s Sky is being investigated by advertising supervisor

By Kikikan on
No Man's Sky

The Advertising Standards Authority is investigating No Man’s Sky after various tips.

After Sony’s opinion about No Man’s Sky’s marketing, the UK regulator, ASA is examining the game’s promotional videos, and pictures. The organization has the right to remove the false advertising materials, not just only from Steam, but from everywhere, including PlayStation Store.

A little bit of comfort: the reports’ goal wasn’t revenge. A Reddit user, called AzzerUK didn’t even requested a refund for the game. He felt that he has been misled by Hello Games, and that the complaining on the forums isn’t enough. So, he wrote a formal letter to Advertising Standards Authority to see what can they do about this case.

Time will tell if AzzerUK succeeded, but we can take Sony’s opinion as a statement, more or less.

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