NSFW – Not a Simulator For Working

By Kikikan on
A screenshot of NSFW

Have you ever wanted not to work and watch some “educational” videos? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place.

NSFW is a casual simulator game where you try not to work anytime you can. Sounds simple, right? However, you have co-workers and if they see you doing something wrong, you will definitely get fired. That’s all.

NSFW is an indie free-to-play game, and it is in alpha version at the moment. The gameplay is very short, but the main concept is still visible and simple. You want to have a nice time, but when your collegaues are nearby, you must start doing a little bit of work. You can buy better videos from the money that you earn at the end of the day. By watching better videos, you will have a better time.

As I mentioned, the game is still in alpha, so we should wait a little bit. But if the developer(s) will add more gamemodes, a story mode, and more customization, this will be a fun little free-to-play game. The only statement I can say at the moment is that NSFW looks promising.

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