Indie Corner: Cuba Life: Island Survival: A Review

By Paul Linus on
Indie Corner- Cuba Life- Island Survival- A Review

It is unfortunate the Minecraft, one of the most popular games amongst gamers all over the world, can’t be played on Nintendo platform. Nevertheless, there is a good alternative to it if you really want to enjoy Minecraft experience in Nintendo. Cube Life: Island Survival; a project made by Cypronia comes up with the same excitement, even in certain levels more thrilling than Minecraft.

Cuba life is till now the best alternative for Minecraft, it has something more to offer than Minecraft. It has got a personal touch, which differentiates this very game from the popular Minecraft and does not make it a carbon copy of Minecraft.The very differences are visible right from the beginning of the game. In the Cuba game, the player will surely notice a narration of a stranded man .Though the name is not disclosed, in the game, he speaks to the player sometimes. So this is a game changing replacement, where the player feels accustomed with a ‘real’ person, than some dumb hero of Minecraft.

Survival Mode

In this mode the player needs to survive. For this, what he needs to do is gather all the available equipment that is necessary to make tools, weapons, armor, even building materials. Along with this the player needs to have right amount of food and drink, so as to stay alive. Thus the term ‘survival mode’ is apt.

Creative Mode

The second mode is the creative mode, which is believed to be much better even than the survival one. Here the player has got the opportunity to hover all over the place, so as to find a proper place to start building. This is the mode where you can use your creative mind and build anything that you can possibly imagine.

The blocks you need are only a push of a catch away so you’re generally ready to begin making. The main issue with the guide is that you can’t begin on a level surface. Damaging all blocks before building can unravel this yet we would have like some level surfaces to begin with.

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