Step-by-step guide: How to use X360CE?

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You seem to have problems using your USB controller. It doesn’t seem to work for a lot of games, does it? Well, fortunately for you, there is a solution to that. The program is called X360CE.

Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (X360CE) is a freeware software, and yes, you guessed it, it can emulate an Xbox 360 controller. By using this program, you will be able to try out a lot of games, that support Xbox 360 controllers.

First of all, we need to download this program from its official website. Pretty straightforward, just select the game’s (not your computer’s) number of bits (32 or 64) and click download. Now, you have to extract the x360ce.exe to the game’s main folder, where the game’s executable file (.exe) is located. Plug in your controller and install its driver if you haven’t done that already. Open X360CE.

If the program says that it didn’t find a DLL file, click Create and move on.








The next thing you will hopefully see, is that the program have found a device.

You shouldn't worry about the settings, just hit "Next"

You shouldn’t worry about the settings, just hit “Next”







After it finished searching the internet, and finding the correct settings, click on Finish.

If you succeed, you will see an Xbox 360 controller in front of you. Now, to maximize our chances, go to “Game Settings”. On the right hand side, you should see a “Xinput files” section.

If you tick all of the 32 bit files (or 64 bit, if the game is using 64 bits) you have more chance to succeed.

If you tick all of the 32 bit files (or 64 bit, if the game is using 64 bits) you have more chance to succeed.







Now, the only thing that remained, is closing the program. Don’t forget to save your settings, though. Keep in mind, that after you’ve done this process with X360CE, you don’t have to keep the program open. In fact, it must remain closed. The game should now detect your controller.

PS: However, if the game still doesn’t sense your controller, the game may not support Xbox 360 controllers. You can check the compatibility list on their website and on the forums. The official compatibility list is not full, it supports more games than it is written.

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