Heroes of the Storm will get a new game mode

By Kikikan on
Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes of the Storm will get a brand new game mode. This game mode is introducing itself in a video, too.

Blizzard’s popular game, (which isn’t popular?) Heroes of the Storm will broaden with a new game mode, which is called Heroes Brawl. With that game mode, of course, the game will have new arenas, modifiers, awards, and quoting the developers “impressive madness” will be waiting for every player, who will join the fun on 17th October. Players will be able to choose from three activities, or “Heroes Brawl Battleground”:

  1. We can enter the game with new modifiers. We don’t know what will be these new modifiers, but according to promises, it will turn the game upside-down.
  2. We can fight in new arenas or one-line maps, and we have to collect seeds and kills; or capture laser towers, and with the help of those, invading the enemy’s base.
  3. A new hero choosing system: either it will give us heroes, which were chosen ahead, or a random hero.


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