FIFA 17 is pre-downloadable

By Kikikan on

Because of the digital edition of FIFA 17 is approx. 30-40GB, EA made this game pre-downloadable to the people, who preordered.

According to the news, the PC edition of FIFA 17 will be 50 GB, and on PS4 and on Xbox One it will be 39-40GB. The exact size is depending on your localization. So for example, the French edition’s and the German edition’s sizes are different. 30-40GB is not surprising, an ordinary AAA game’s size is about the same. But of course, downloading an AAA game takes time.

A lot of people began to complain on the site of EA Sports. They were telling that depending on their internet connection, the downloading time can take 1-6 hours, that’s why the publisher decided to make FIFA 17 pre-downloadable for the people, who preordered it. So if you don’t want to spend hours after the release, download it now, so you will be able to play football on 29th September.

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