Broken Age – A Game For Everyone

By Kikikan on
Broken Age

Do you like a story-based, point and click game? Try out Broken Age.

Firstly, it is a bit harder to write about a story-based game, because no one likes spoilers. Fortunately, this is a spoiler-free review.

Broken Age is a well-developed game. It has two main characters, a boy and a girl. In order to proceed, you must control both of them. The trick is, that they are at totally different places, but the story connects them in some ways. So, if you’re having a problem, try playing the other character. You might find a clue.

The graphics in this game is very unique, it’s cartoonish. The animations are smooth and hand-made. The music, sounds and the voice acting are very well done.

It has a lot of puzzles, which require creativity and logic. These puzzles mostly require specific items, or a combination of them, or a dialog puzzle – so Broken Age has everything. However, the main point is not those puzzles, but the feeling when your chin has fallen, your eyes are widely open, when you slap your forehead like a child when reads a tale. There are no age limits to play this game. To get that feeling, the graphics, sound, voice acting and humor do their job.

If you like these kind of games, buy it, and play it for 4 hours.

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