A New Dimension in Virtual Reality Of Video Games

By Paul Linus on
A New Dimension in Virtual Reality Of Video Games

Now a day’s virtual reality is taking an important part in the world of video games. In fact this year, people took this seriously at the E3 video game expo in Los Angeles. So from all these we can understand that in very recent time we are going to see this type of game in the market. Well the rumored games that are going to hit the market are Project Morpheus, Vive and Oculus Rift heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox.

In the E3 video game expo many showed their virtual reality gadgets. For example Sony revealed a new multiplayer shooter demo for the Project Morpheus, and Microsoft announced a partnership with Valve, seeking to make Windows 10 and Oculus showed their latest build of its Rift headset.

But among all these good news, one question hovers around, is this concept of virtual reality, safe? Well, this is a contradictory issue. Virtual reality games are real fun items. Here players can actually feel what they play in the games. What can be much more thrilling than that? But then also there is some ‘if’s and ‘buts’. What would happen if a player does not have a strong heart and he intends to play some kind of scary game like Kitchen? Well, to say anything about this one should know how much scary is the game.

It is a product from the house which actually created Resident Evil. Though the very name ‘Kitchen’ may seem to be quite an innocent game, it is actually something like the torcher chambers from SAW movie. The very opening of the game is going to scare you when you will find yourself with tie bounding your hands.

All of a sudden you will find a body rising from the ground which looks like a cross between the little girl The Ring and the other from The Exorcist. Now if this was a regular video game, this won’t be so much scary, but with virtual reality game, it may look as if this is happening just right in front of you.

Again, there is a situation where a scary thing would seem to be pulling your head back. In this kind of situation, though these are unreal, you are going to freeze to death. In reality you would probably move your head forward, but you would imagine that you are unable to get rid of the sudden attack, which could be really dangerous as you body and mind would get some kind of opposite stimulus. So it would be better if you play in this virtual reality mode, only if you have a strong heart and for the rest of the others, you should stay satisfied with what you have got.

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